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How to Get Involved with The Flood Fund

There are lots of ways to take part in our mission

No contribution is too small. The easiest way to get involved with The Flood Fund is to make a contribution to the Fund. However, there are many other ways that you can help. The Flood Fund is always actively seeking people who can help educate the public, fundraise, and help us organize.

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Organize at School

Join the Campus Club Initiative

Organize at your local school or university campus. Help people understand the importance of The Flood Fund, how we assist all flood victims and the urgency to meet the prevailing needs in Pakistan.

The Flood Fund's Campus Club Initiative is a grass-roots program driven by young people around the globe. Establish a club at your school or univesity to help build awareness, develop relief programs, fundraise and more. It's easy to get started, we provide all the materials to get your club up and running. Learn more by downloading our free toolkit.

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Terrorism and Corruption

Should people hold fears
Regrettably, many are reluctant to donate funds toward the Pakistan relief effort out of fear. Believing that contributions will support terrorist groups and/or corruption some are nervous about where their money will go. Some may even feel that the responsibility should fall on the Government of Pakistan solely to shoulder the burden.
These arguments should not be dismissed without providing an understanding that while a risk exists, it is quite small compared to the tremendous amount of people in need. Unfortunately, criminals exist everywhere and there is no shortage of those who hold fool hardy and extremist beliefs in our own country. No government, even the United States, is equipped to handle all disasters independently. The United States has always come to the aid of its friends and allies.

Volunteer programs

  • Help The Flood Fund Fundraise
  • Educate your family and friends
  • Help us spread the word through your favorite blog
  • Develop faith based outreach programs
  • Help grow our partnerships
  • Campus Club Initiative

Fundraise for The Flood Fund

While money may not buy happiness, it does help solidify a solid foundation

A fundamental requirement for any fund is to raise monetary resources so that it can respond in times of crisis. We welcome your support and time to help us garner the resources required to make an impact. For more information, please contact us.

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