The Flood Fund

Why was The Flood Fund created?

The Flood Fund was created to provide reconstruction and rehabilitation to communities affected by severe floods. The Flood Fund caries out its mission by providing local non-governmental organizations with supplemental financial resources to carry out initial emergency relief efforts. The primary role of The Flood Fund is to provide funding for reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts through the support of small and medium enterprise development projects. The Flood Fund carries out its primary mission through direct grants.

Why is The Flood Fund necessary?

The Flood Fund is designed to fill gaps in initial emergency response and the resources within local regions and communities. Catastrophic floods cover widespread areas and can potentially overwhelm the local resources available to rebuild economies and provide essential services. Unlike the United Nations, The Flood Fund is designed to provide greater flexibility in its program selection and execution to ensure that resources move as quickly as possible to help people being the rebuilding process.

What is the purpose of The Flood Fund?
The Flood Fund's purpose is to promote an inclusive, diversified, environmentally conscious and competitive economy that is decentralized and better integrated into the global economy--an economy that harnesses the entrepreneurial spirit of the people to help individuals, families, communities, and enterprises achieve their full potential.

What are The Flood Fund's areas of focus?

While The Flood Fund supports select near-term needs, it will focus primarily on longer term and longer-term reconstruction and rehabilitation recovery efforts. Our near-term activities will fill gaps where critical requirements, especially those identified by the U.N. Initial Emergency Flood Response Plan, are unmet. These projects will either lay a foundation for or have a clear link to, longer-term construction efforts.

The Flood Fund will provide grants and supports programs that can have a multiplier effect by leveraging additional funding and encouraging replication of successful models. The Flood Fund works primarily through partnerships and collaborations with other nonprofit and for-profit entities -- particularly Pakistan's own. In short, we seek to help rebuild lives and livelihoods by:

  • Supporting micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Empowering individuals and enterprises in transitioning from the informal to the formal economy.
  • Supporting job creation, particularly jobs providing direct social benefits, such as in education and healthcare.
  • Preparing people, especially women and youth, with the job and life skills needed to embrace economic opportunity.?

    What is The Flood Fund's philosophy on reconstruction?
    The Flood Fund acts on the belief that successful and sustainable reconstruction requires private-sector-driven growth from within - not aid-dependent development from outside.

    How long will The Flood Fund exist?
    Unlike many traditional emergency fund raising efforts, The Flood Fund does not have a finite existence. The Flood Fund is non-governmental organization devoted to assisting flood victims around the world. As hurricane Katrina and the tsunami have exhibited, a widespread need exists to provide continuous support to those communities needing assistance following severe floods.