The Flood Fund

Disaster Resources for Corporate Sponsors and Partners

The Flood Fund has several ways for your company to support people in need during humanitarian disasters. Please let us know how we can help.

Corporate philanthropy is as vital as ever to business and society, but it faces steep pressures to demonstrate that it is also cost-effective and aligned with corporate needs. The Flood Fund helps to measure social impact and business benefits so that giving to The Flood Fund enhances (or at least does not diminish) shareholder value.

Our approach to corporate giving outlines six strategies that are core to The Flood Fund operations:


The initiative brings together companies from varied industries, but relies equally on collaboration with governments and nonprofits.

Business Leader Engagement

The Fund engages CEOs and senior leadership deeply in fundraising, setting priorities, marshaling resources, and developing communication strategies.

Implementation Considerations

Establishing a nonprofit takes time, coordination, and an ability to execute. The Flood Fund is well organized to carry out its mission and engages corporate leadership early in the process process to bring about immediate results.

Leveraging NGO Knowledge and Partnerships

Close relationships with NGOs allows The Flood Fund to better understand the complex social and cultural context of the affected areas. Small local organizations are essential to the Fund's long-term reconstruction efforts.

Rigorous Monitoring

The Flood Fund develops protocols jointly with partners to evaluate The Fund's progress toward important milestones and required periodic, detailed reports from grant recipients.


The Flood Fund campaigns focus on media, outreach, event planning, website operation, branding, advertising, internal company campaigns, and donor communications.

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Corporate Donations

Corporate gifts show the world your organization cares.

Corporate giving demonstrates commitment to the community your organization serves. Corporate giving

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Non pecuniary support

Consider other ways to contribute

The Flood Fund recognizes that for many companies the economic slow down has had a negative impact on cash positions. While cash contributions have the greatest impact to help address The Flood Fund's mission, non-cash contributions also are critical to our success. Consider the following alternatives:

  • Enlisting employee volunteers
  • Pro bono services
  • Product donations
  • Distribution channels
  • Other alternatives that meet objectives

Simple Actions

  • Link to our Web Site

    Help get the message out on the web. Link to our web site to further our common cause.

  • Contact Friends

    Emailing, calling and mailing your friends helps to spread the word. We need everyone's help.

Hope in Action

Hope starts with our collective actions.

The Flood Fund strives to promote more than hope; we want your help to make a lasting impact.